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VAZ-2103 - Soviet sky rear passenger car with a body type sedan. Was developed jointly with the Italian firm Fiat on the basis of model Fiat 124 and serially produced at the Volga automobile plant with 1972по 1984. The export of VAZ-2103 went under the Lada 1500.

Fiat 124, who became the prototype models of VAZ-2101, VAZ-2103, was first presented to the public in 1964, the serial production in Italy began in 1966.
FIAT 125, which was later copied VAZ 2103, was first presented to the public in 1967. The car was built using the database and aggregates the previous model - FIAT 1300/1500. The power unit was also borrowed from the model 124. In the following year a new modification of 125S. It was equipped with the same engine as the basic modification, but higher power. This motor агрегатировался with a 5-speed manual gearbox. In addition improved interior and a slightly changed the look of the car.
In 1970, the modification of the "Special" the second time was upgraded. The changes affected mainly the appearance of the machine, but it was also one of the important technical innovation - as an option appeared 3-speed automatic gearbox.
In Italy the production of model 125 ended in 1972, with the advent of FIAT 132. There were produced 603,877 FIAT model 125. In Poland 125-th produced at the factory FSO. There made a modification with a body "sedan", "universal" and "truck". Then on the basis of the 125-th in Poland have developed a 5-door hatchback, which was produced under the name of the Polonaise.
An interesting modification of the 125-th built new Zealand dealers FIAT. It was the sports modification, intended to participate in the local championship. The engine was equipped with two twin carburetors 40DHLA and 16-valve cylinder head with two shafts. The degree of compression was increased. As a result of engine capacity could increase to 125 HP.
Sports modifications of FIAT 125 built the firm Moretti. Made its modification 125GS 1.6 appearance was like FIAT Dino Spider. In addition, tuning and modifications 125-th engaged in the company Zagato, Savio, Pinifarina, as well as the firm Vignale, produced modification under the name of Samantha, which represented the two-door coupe with sliding up headlights.
When signing the contract on the project of the Volga automobile plant was agreed, that «Fiat» give, along with the technical project of the plant full documentation on two cars: № 1 («norm») and # 2 (the«Suite»).«Fiat» suggested ready-made, already mastered in the production of decisions: the quality of the vehicle № 1 - Fiat 124, car № 2 - Fiat 125.
Initially such a proposal the Soviet side was on the first stage of the decision. However, as more detailed work on the project very quickly it became clear, that despite of external similarity of 124 and 125-I model «Fiat» were in fact fundamentally different vehicles, the lowest common between them.
For example, the «125» surpassed «124» on the geometrical sizes, the «124» had нижневальный motor with sucker-rod drive valves 1200 cm3, and the «125» engine with two upper shafts with belt drive, the volume of 1600 cubic meters and a capacity of 90 HP. The chassis is also fundamentally different, as the «125» was carried out on the basis of the obsolete model of Fiat 1500 development of the end of 50-ies, in particular - had a spring rear suspension, soft and comfortable, but archaic and demanding development in the USSR of manufacturing of springs of the desired type, which is quite complex and «capricious».
Once, the Soviet delegation came to the conclusion that this state of Affairs is never satisfied. Has been so requested to provide maximum - up to 80 % - the unification of cars № 1 and № 2, and also - to enter by car № 1 upper camshaft engine. From the «FIATA» such requirements are met fierce resistance, especially on making changes to the engine.
In fact, the 1.2-litre верхневальный motor to the «Fiat» already existed, but as a promising development and not yet passed full testing for reliability and durability, and for obvious reasons, to share their new developments of management of the firm desire to avoid burning.
However, to the extent of further negotiations was, all the same consensus: development of work on the 1.2-litre верхневальному engine were conducted jointly with the Soviet side. On the same basis was created and 1.5-litre power unit, intended for the car № 2.
It should be noted that thus created the engine of the vehicle № 1 (1200 cm3) and still is to a certain extent недовведенным even at the stage of serial production, as it was characterized by a relatively rapid depreciation of the camshaft (90%of the resource of 63 thousand km, medium - 80), caused mainly by the structural causes (high workload in the zone of contact Cams shaft with the valve drive while insufficient supply of oil). The cars Fiat this version of the engine was not used.
With regard to the vehicle number 2, then on it was decided to broadly maintain appearance similar to the «125», but at the same time, assure maximum harmonisation of the № 1.
A viable option is the use of the achievements of the «FIATA» on the scenario of the model «124» with the improved design - Fiat 124 Special, which at that time was in the process of development. Subsequently, the work on both projects was carried out in parallel and with mutual influence, and end results - has arisen out of a series in 1968, Fiat 124S and appeared in 1972 VAZ-2103 " if not copied each other outwardly, it is obviously much echo.Thus, in fact, not Fiat 124S became the prototype of VAZ-2103 (which approval is often found), and they represent different variations of the same vehicle, and that their elaboration was carried out in parallel and jointly, however, the development of the Soviet version was delayed for 4 years, which is quite understandable in the context of the construction of new plants and the prevailing necessity of initial adoption of the vehicle № 1, «standards», as a more mass and necessary for the initial development of the technology.
Like appearance, as well as the construction of the model «124» was redesigned and designers was possible to «make» the exterior of the vehicle with the basic Fiat 124 and VAZ-2101 at the expense of additional brilliant finishing details, rendering the «Troika» visual impression significantly more high-end machines, as well as making the salon a few more spacious and significantly comfortable. Moreover, it is often said that the option of external design, developed for the Soviet version, looked on the whole successful, and a few up-to-date than used by the Italians on the Fiat 124S.
In 1972, AVTOVAZ has launched the production of more powerful version of "Zhiguli" - VAZ-2103. Basic 77-strong engine VAZ-2103 allowed to reach on this sedan speed of 100 km/h in 19 C. The export modifications VAZ-21033 and VAZ-21035 mounted respectively 1,3-liter engines VAZ-21011 capacity of 69 HP or "economic" 64-strong motor VAZ-2101. The differences in the interior 2103 from the "penny" were quite significant: the space above the head increased by 15 mm, and the distance from a ceiling to a seat is 860 mm. The instrument panel, in which there is a clock, tachometer, is completely different».
Formally, the development of VAZ-2103 happened in 1972, but in fact a full-fledged production of VAZ-2103 started only in the beginning of 1973 and the first 1500 machines manufactured in the 4th quarter of 1972, were salon of VAZ-2101 because of problems with the start of production of «троечных» parts of the cabin design, and wore index VAZ-2103В. They walked not in the retail sale, but instead were sold to workers of the VAZ and factories-suppliers.
For 12 years, was released 1 304 899 car «third» model. For a long time VAZ-2103 was considered as the most comfortable and dynamic machine. And who came in to replace it VAZ-2106 still finds its consumers.
Motorists with the experience very warm comment about this car. At the time had just fantastic comfort and the most successful motor for rear wheel drive cars. The engine is available so far. This model differ not only in appearance, thanks to the four headlamps, молдингам on the sidewalls of the body and large rear lights. Its main difference is more powerful, полуторалитровый motor. In addition, this model is distinguished by the presence of vacuum brake booster and automatic adjustment of the clearance between the brake pads and drum, "sports" instrument cluster with tachometer. Later produced in several modifications of this model with different engines. Production of VAZ 2103 terminated in 1984.At the same time with the design of the car VAZ-2103 was worked and version of the wagon with the improved design of the image of the «threes» - VAZ-2104. However, in view of utility station wagon - «working horse» - a decision was taken to refuse from such a concept. However, in 1976 were produced three sample «Lux-wagon», one of which seven years he has worked in the plant's design centre as a развозного car.
Subsequently, the index VAZ-2104 was given in a series of quite another car - universal on the basis of VAZ-2105.

Basic 72-strong engine VAZ-2103 allowed to reach a speed of 100 km/h in 17 seconds, making it the most dynamic of the mass of Soviet cars of those years and comparable in dynamics with Western analogs in the class.
The differences in the interior 2103 of VAZ-2101 were significant. The space above the head increased by 15 mm, and the distance from a ceiling to a seat was 860 mm. The instrument panel, in which there is a clock and - a legacy of sports development «FIATA» - tachometer, changed completely. Appeared thick fabric carpets on the floor, improve the appearance and sound insulation. Were introduced additional plastic lining, thanks to which in the cabin there is virtually no «naked» metal - in accordance with the standards of the seventies. The trunk of a «luxury» version also had excellent finishing of molded plastic.
For 12 years, was released 1 304 899 car «third» model. For a long time VAZ-2103 deservedly considered a comfortable, reliable and dynamic machine, and some lovers of the brand consider it as the most elegant and stylish model VAZ at all. , Who came to replace the model of VAZ-2106 was produced until 2006 and widely operated in Russia and the CIS countries.

Features of the engine the VAZ 2103
The engines of VAZ 2103 and VAZ 2106 constructively performed equally. The differences between them, due to different diameter cylinders. The diameter of the cylinder of the 2103-1000260 is 76,00 mm.
The cylinder block is made with the centre distance - 95 mm. Cylinder diameter - 76,00 mm. For the cylinder taken межремонтные dimensions - 76,40mm and 76,80 mm. Height of the block, the distance from the center of the crankshaft to the upper surface of the block, at 215,9mm.The cylinder block is made of special cast iron. For the sizes of a diameter of the cylinder block defines five classes: A, b, C, D, E. Each subsequent class differs from the previous one by 0,01mm. At the bottom of the unit next to the hole of each cylinder is indicated its class.
Cylinder head 21011-1005011-10 engine, is cast from an aluminium alloy and is common for all cylinders. Head height - 112.5 mm, combustion chamber the size of 79х51 mm and volume of 33.2 cm cube. Inside the chamber there is a step-mill height of 2 mm.
Engine VAZ 2103 is fitted with a shaft 2101-1006010-20. A distinctive feature of the shaft is one raw cervix, which has the form of a regular hexagon. It is located between the arms of the second cylinder.
To drive the timing is used double втулочно-roller chain 2103-1006040 in 116 links. To drive a generator and water pump apply V-belt length 944мм. with cross-section.
Is installed the crankshaft model 21213. He is interchangeable with the crankshaft model 2103, but has improved characteristics. Its parameters corresponds to the crankshaft 2103 and provides a stroke - 80mm.
The engine is equipped with pistons and piston pins model 2101. The piston is made of aluminum alloy. The outer surface is covered with a layer of tin. The notch on the bottom of the piston there is no. The piston must be of the same class, and that class cylinder. For the holes in the piston pin identified three categories of dimensional accuracy. The marking on the bottom of the piston allows you to define its belonging to a certain class and category of the hole finger.
Piston rings, mounted on the engine, are marked kit - 2101-1000100-10, under normal size 76mm. Piston rings made of pig-iron. Top compression ring has a barrel-shaped chrome outer surface. Lower compression ring scraper type, subjected to hardening by phosphating. Маслосъемное ring for piston VAZ-2103 not be executed chrome. Маслосъемное ring included with spring-expanders. The VAZ rings spring навита with a variable step size and subjected to a grind on the ends and outer diameter. 
Connecting rod model 2101. Length of the connecting rod 136 mm. Each connecting rod corresponds to its own cover of connecting rod, together with which it was handled. To eliminate errors in the Assembly, on the connecting rod and the top of the connecting rod there is the mark of the numbers of cylinders, in which they are installed.
The carburetor 2107-1107010-20 installed together with the distributor, with vacuum regulator spark.
The engine can be installed classical ignition system or a non-contact. When the contact the ignition system is used ignition distributor 30.3706 with the ignition coil Б117А. In contactless ignition system is applied coil - 27.3705. 

Technical characteristics VAZ 2103:

The body of the VAZ 2103 1.5
Type: Sedan
Number of doors: 4
Number of seats: 5
Engine VAZ 2103 1.5
Engine location: Front, longitudinal
Working volume, CC: 1458
Number of cylinders: 4
Cylinder location: Inline
Valves per cylinder: 2
Power system: the Carburetor
The presence of the boost: no
Power, h.p. (kW) at rpm: 72 at 5600
Torque, N/m at rpm: 104 at 3400
Transmission VAZ 2103 1.5
Drive type: Rear
Type of gearbox: Mechanical
Number of speeds: 4
Chassis VAZ 2103 1.5
Front suspension: Double cross lever
Rear suspension: Helical springBrakes front: Drum
Brakes rear Drum: 
Bus standard: 175/70 SR13
Disks, standard equipment:
Steering VAZ 2103 1.5
Type: Worm gears
Dimensions, weight, volume VAZ 2103 1.5
Length, mm: 4116
Width, mm: 1611
Height, mm: 1440
Wheelbase, mm: 2424
Track wheel, front/rear mm: 1365/1321
Ground clearance, mm: 170
Turning circle, m: 11.2
Unladen mass, kg: 965
Permissible total weight, kg: 1430
The volume of the min./max. l.: 400/-
Fuel tank volume, l: 39
The dynamic characteristics of the VAZ 2103 1.5
Acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h: 19
Maximum speed, km/h: 150
Fuel consumption and toxicity of VAZ 2103 1.5
The average conditional fuel consumption, l/100 km:
The city, l/100 km: 10
Highway, l/100 km: 8.4
Type and brand of fuel: Gasoline AI-92


VAZ-21031 - 1975, the predecessor model VAZ-2106, short-run with the engine of VAZ-2106 (1.6 l 75 HP).
VAZ-21032 - 1973-1981, for export to countries with left-hand traffic.
VAZ-21033 - 1977-1983, with the engine VAZ-21011 (1.3 litre 69 PS).
VAZ-21035 - 1973-1981, the export to the engine VAZ-2101 (1.2 l 64 HP)

VAZ-2103 Universal - 1976, collected, 3 pilot instance, in the «series» the modification is not gone.
VAZ-2103 Porsche in 1976 Porsche offered the option of upgrading VAZ-2103, deprived of all chrome parts. Modernization has been adopted.
VAZ-2103 Phaeton - made to participate in parades factory group автокаскадеров «Автородео».
VAZ-2103 triaxial Phaeton - made to participate in parades factory group автокаскадеров «Автородео». Has three rows of seats, headlights and bumper of VAZ-2105. 

VAZ 2103 and sport
VAZ-2103 successfully performed and on the sports arena. In July 1973, in the championship of the RSFSR on highway-ring races in Leningrad, the first Gold medal of the champion of the Russian Federation has won the car VAZ-2103 master of sports, вазовец Edward Пистунович. In 1974, the VAZ-2103 Champions of the Union for the rally began A. and Mr. Козырчиковы. In addition to this rally and a highway-ring races's «Troika» acted in autocross.
Successful were the VAZ-2103 not only at the competitions of the all-Union significance, but also on the international rally. So on the first «rally is 1000 lakes» in 1974, the crew Л.Шувалов - Л.Потапчик won the first place in the class A2-1600. This success in the next year, said the crew consisting of A. and G. Козырчиковых. The most significant sporting achievement of VAZ-2103 is the sixth place in the overall standings at the «Acropolis» in Greece. АвтомобилиВАЗ-2103 used for the rally and foreign sportsmen.
The replacement of VAZ-2103 in 1984 came VAZ-2106. In his last year of production were issued 435 cars VAZ-2103, and all were released 1 304 899 copies of VAZ-2103 of various modifications.


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