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Chevrolet Niva

VAZ-2123 Chevrolet Niva - serial American compact SUV production of «GM-AVTOVAZ». Has permanent all-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, two-stage transfer box and locking center differential.
In the car is used gasoline 4-cylinder inline engine VAZ-2123 1,7 HP with distributed injection of fuel of capacity (as per GOST 14846) 80 HP. (58.5 per kW) maximum torque (according to GOST 14846) 127,4 Nm.
Chevrolet Niva is an elegant SUV. Chevrolet Niva is the basic model of the new family of off-road car and the first of the creation of the joint venture "GM - AVTOVAZ".
By car Chevrolet Niva comfortable and convenient to move around the city streets, and on the weekend to go to the cottage. A family of three people can safely go on holiday: a place for things enough. Four-wheel drive шевинива is especially important where the end of the road and begin direction. Here the car feels at ease.
Chevrolet Niva, according to the Association of European businesses in the Russian Federation, was the best-selling SUV in Russia in 2004-2008.
Chevrolet Niva was awarded an annual premium of professional automotive journalists «Offroader of the year 2009» in the «SUV» and «the Premiere of the year».

History of creation
The first new Niva, when it was still called Lada, did тольяттинские designers. Then the specialists Chevrolet have contributed to the project many improvements. Niva of the year 2009 has undergone changes yet and by the Italians: the design of Chevrolet Niva facelift dealt with the famous Italian Studio Bertone.
on June 27, 2001, the representatives of General Motors, AVTOVAZ and the European Bank for reconstruction and development signed the General framework agreement on creation of the enterprise "GM-AVTOVAZ”, which started production of Chevrolet Niva. on 23 September 2002 from the conveyor of JV came down the first car. Since then, Chevrolet Niva has a stable demand of the Russians.
And here in March 2009, the production of an updated version of the Chevrolet Niva. By this time it was released almost 300 000 copies.
Since the car was transformed for the first time and got the Chevrolet, it is now six years old, and his time to modernize. Although for the model of a cheap segment that time - not age, let us remember that the most popular on today VAZ model for 29 years. Moreover, the occurrence of the the global crisis gave cheapest cars "second chance” and forced consumers to buy just the budget of the machine.
The progressive looks like the solution of "GM-AVTOVAZ” already in January 2007, the order for his main brainchild - Niva - a new design by world-famous Italian design Studio Bertone. Challenges to the designers were the following:
1. minimum means to make a modern design, which will indicate the belonging of the Niva to the current model range of SUVs Chevrolet;
2. emphasize the excellent off-road capability of the model and save the geometrical parameters for high cross-country ability;
3. improve the interior.
The amount, which was ceded to the Italians for this work, are kept secret, but know. that designers have prepared six projects, one of which was adopted by the General Director of "GM-AVTOVAZ” John Hanson and the management of the JV.
From afar distinguish Niva of the year 2009 from the previous version will be quite difficult. However, due to the new parts in close contact with the car is an obvious positive effect: the new Niva is clearly perceived better than the old one. Now according to the ratio of the appearance/price/dirt at the Chevy Niva no competitors.
Specialists Bertone painted for Chevrolet Niva neat new front bumper, radiator grille in the style of the Chevrolet Captiva, new headlamps, which has undergone more and structural changes and now creating a much more dense beam of light, not forgetting to cover and the right side of the road. Changes were made in the hood and side mirrors. The side of the car has a new wide molding, and on the roof - convenient pulpits of the company Jac Product, adapted for easy mounting of various types of holders and aerodynamic kata. The roof Niva must withstand up to 100 kg of cargo, which is enshrined in the basic rack.
In addition, the one unfortunate mistake, which prevented the Chevrolet Niva covet to European markets. Thanks to расширителям the wheel arches and the new брызговикам new Niva now meets European standards by the amount of dirt and splashes, plunging from under the wheels of the car. Behind the machine also has a new bumper with a rubberized grip for easy loading the trunk and lights with a new pattern. In the rear bumper also have "Gill slits”, through which plays the air from the passenger compartment, reducing the risk of misting Windows.
Thus, with the task minimal means modernized design "GM-AVTOVAZ” and Bertone quite successfully. Even cultivated Niva remains the phenomenon of the road, just found a bug. On a serious off-road back rooms easily frustrated with the bumper, so the future owners should pay triple the attention of fastening of plates.
As before, Chevrolet Niva will be sold in two versions: a simple LS and "luxury” GLS. A simple version of one roof rails on the roof, bumpers, side plates and mirrors in body colour and chrome rim grille.If the strong side of the SUV - this is the price of the weak - the interior. In addition to the replacement of the steering wheel, the other significant changes in the salon not increased. Трехспицевый the wheel of the firm TRW (Portugal) is quite convenient for the exception of the great buttons of the horn, which falls under the hand with the active рулежке that the terrible beyond the usual thing. Other changes to the front panel is not noticeable, and its design, materials, form and layout of the buttons send us back in the last century. But if you raise your head, then on the ceiling find a nice block of ceiling plafonds and очечника, unified with other models, Chevrolet, and between the seats is situated box with Cup holders and storage capacity for the small things. Not appeared on the Niva and the long-awaited airbags; according to preliminary data, they will appear on production machines in the III-IV quarter of next year.
Such small changes in the interior are explained by the desire of the manufacturer to keep the price of the car in the previous frame. For the same reason in the updated Chevrolet Niva is still the same basic units and aggregates. The engine, gearbox, handouts and the bridges have not undergone changes. Nothing better than the existing Russian industry (and these nodes are available for Chevrolet partner in the joint venture - AVTOVAZ) has not, and imported units greatly raise the price of the sold SUV in Russia. Therefore, elimination of noise and vibration, which are the number one problem for today's Chevy Niva, will be carried out in other ways. Now all planned improvements units Niva pass the stage of "feasibility study”.
Compared with its predecessor VAZ-2123 in the design of the off-road car Chevrolet Niva made substantial changes. So, while preserving all the best features of a VAZ-21213, Chevrolet Niva vehicle has a new carrying the body of modern forms, the permanent all-wheel drive, as well as a number of innovations: a reducer of front axle "unbound" from the engine; the changed design of the drive gear; extended intermediate shaft; the front and rear propshafts unified. In the auto seriously upgraded braking system, including, changed design of the master cylinder and the brake booster. Chassis and transmission old "Niva" constructive almost unchanged - applied upgraded and tested by life aggregates.
Chevrolet Niva, the base model is equipped with an adjustable steering column, immobilizer, Central locking, электростеклоподъемниками the front doors, a proofreader headlights and радиоподготовкой. The car is equipped with a fuel-injected engine 1.7 liter capacity of 80 h.p., system of distributed electronic fuel injection and exhaust system the exhaust gases with a catalytic Converter, which corresponds to the requirements of the rules of the toxicity of the "Euro-2" and "Euro-3".
For an additional fee you can get alloy wheels instead of steel, tinted glass, front fog lights, velveted salon with thermal front seats, two speakers and antenna, rear seat headrests and lockable plastic cover a spare wheel.
The elegance of the city off-road car Chevrolet Niva stresses painting "metallic", painted in body colour bumpers. The color gamma of the car is presented in seven colours. The body of the Chevrolet Niva five-door hatchback with вклеивающимися glass Windows, a door, the trunk (situated at her spare tire), opening in the side. The vehicle is very large and freely accommodate five people, is emerging in parts of the back seat.

Model history
1998: On the Volga car factory established five-door SUV VAZ-2123.
01.2001: there is Begun a batch production of VAZ-2123.
06.2001: For mass production of VAZ-2123 established the joint venture «GM-AVTOVAZ». Production of the suspended.
09.2002: the Car has been upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the GM. Resumed serial production under the name of Chevrolet Niva.
2006: Completion of key activities to improve the quality of the car at the plant «GM-AVTOVAZ».
11.2006: Modification of Chevrolet Niva FAM1 with the engine Opel 1.8 l (122 HP).
04.2009: Restyling. The updated design bumpers, lighting, interior details.

Design of the salon and Chevrolet Niva
As for the appearance of the Chevrolet Niva, the results of the examination here are like that. Gaps uniform between the body panels and the lights exactly established, the doors open and close properly.
there, in the cabin? The first thing that drew my attention, entering into the salon of the car, a smell, namely, a light scent of the so-called «Zhiguly» plastic, which caused the once-invincible Association with the new car of the common Soviet of the operator. From this we can conclude that the recipe of preparation of a torpedo is the same? It seems that this is not true: everything is neatly. You must admit that the plastic, true, hard, however, for the texture reminds definitely soft. One of the negative points should be noted cross backlash covers ashtrays, as well as the glove box, but, considering the price of this machine, for this complaint is just ridiculous.Fortunately or unfortunately, the design of the interior did not keep any family of the so-called «нивовских» features. So, he does not look nor utilitarian, or obsolete. It should be noted that there are some touches from Chevrolet. So, vents ventilation system obviously inherited from overseas SUVs. Interesting chubby buttons on the dashboard also look entirely UN-American, but the handle, designed to facilitate the rear passengers seated in the living area, almost the same as in the Tahoe. On the panel control lamps, transferred, in the center of the torpedo, are the symbols of systems such as ABS SRS and that the car novelty equip as long as no one was going to.
When the secret is revealed just - apparently, GM great hopes on the export of machines, and it will receive in the future, all for commercial success necessary in Europe option and, in particular, airbag, for which the place, I think, has already been reserved. It is worth mentioning separately the solid thick the wheel - it is very pleasant to hold in their hands, and, in addition, the column really is adjustable in height, thus giving the chance to really sit down comfortably. Soft plush chair, and, significantly, the backs of the seats have a nice and comfortable bulge in the lumbar region. Well, the fans of the so-called lateral support will be very disappointed. In addition, it should be noted that the color of upholstery very pleasant, and one of the same material are made also decorative inserts on doors.
The appearance of the updated Chevrolet Niva is really a matter of respect, and even the most ardent critics. The soft contours of the front of the front end is quite original-xenon headlights with the addition of a bottom round fog lights. Completes the picture of the new radiator grille with the "grown up” in the amount шевролетовским "Golden cross. Side mirrors received electric and heating, and also increased in size, and now provide an overview of the typical for the big SUV. The appearance of organically complements the beautiful kit. However, according to the owners of SUV more impressive looks a white kit in the basic configuration. By the way, performing the design works, the Italians have not forgotten at the front door to hang your label.
Alloy wheels 16” with good rubber well look at the premium configuration. And that's steel to 15” look not very elegant in a large apertures. Rear door with навешенной the spare tire and unbalanced glass (this glass was the subject of the dispute) is opened in the side. It should be said that the body is going quite well. All the clearances of the new Chevrolet Niva uniform, which is surprising. The paint on the car body parts, too, does not cause issues. Rails on the roof of the premium bundling significantly improve the overall impression.
The quality of polypropylene bumpers was enhanced by adding the rubber, and now they do not crack on impact in the cold. However, the drivers have expressed remarks to the panel the rear bumper, which was brought under the bottom in the manner of "adults” SUVs. Low relatively large SUVs clearance leads to the teeth when driving on off-road for the soil and the subsequent separation of the panel.
The interior with the contemporary look of the dashboard and трехспицевым steering wheel creates a more rich impression. Especially noticeably the quality of the premium of models with different accents and hitch. The rearview mirror now glued to the glass, and it is already possible to look almost does not vibrate. In General, ergonomics and quality of Assembly must be given credit. The disadvantages. Narrow ducts of rectangular shape, which have bad move the levers. Гидрокорректор headlights inconvenient to use. The back seat, according to the expression of the owners of like a cottage sofa with springs. But, according to the General opinion, all the same there is progress.
Luggage compartment volume is not very large, increases by tilting the split seat. Conveniently opens the door of the Luggage compartment. It can be fixed in three different positions. In the trunk of "a small bag with a tool” - that is, as such an instrument, supplied as always no. However, in the foreign cars but Jack didn't put. And why? You might think that the owner of dear foreign cars learns to repair his car, and wants to get the experience now.
The engine in Chevrolet Niva all the same volume of 1.7 liters with 80 horses in harness. It is obvious that developed from 2006 to 2008 project Niva FAM1 with 122 strong опелевским motor and reinforced body finally came down to nothing. Yes and development of diesel for Chevrolet Niva left in the same direction. The front suspension двухрычажная independent, and the rear spring пятиштанговая dependent.
Known tuning model Шеви the Fields, which received the name of the Trophy. This model developed the ZAO "GM-AVTOVAZ” and tuning company LLC ”crumb-Service”. Judging by the доделкам-rework it was a real all-terrain vehicle. Mounted winch, all the weak as possible ingress of water in the power units places defended the different options. Even got the shock absorbers of their own making. Reviews for drivers, standard absorbers are "too soft” - when overtaking, drivers feel "kamikaze”.
It should be noted that the popularity of Chevrolet Niva will increase. According to the statistics of the first half-year 2011 year ended release 24 486 cars. And this is almost 50% higher than last year. From 1 November 2011, in commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the brand Chevrolet started the shipment of the official dealers, 300 vehicles of the special complete set Special Edition.

Chevrolet Niva on the road and off-road
More directly to the release of this car, many «experts» claimed that, at a mass equal to 1350 kg, and a constant full drive, the engine with a capacity of 80 h.p. this utility vehicle will clearly not missed any in the city, or on the road. However, the results of the test have discovered that it's all absurd conjectures.So, in the urban crowd Chevrolet Niva is more than worthy - it is only necessary to timely shift gears and turn the engine up to 3500 - 4000 revolutions per minute. Of course, the sports car the car is still far away, however, and флегматичной to call such a car is impossible. Probably, feelings vary greatly and even the manner of driving, because those who helluva lot of love to all the money chase, the car wouldn't like it, of course, but teaching quiet the average driver of the declared capacity will be quite enough, moreover, often in the city is more important not the power and speed, and the ability to pass on secondary rough streets without significant losses, to climb on the highest kerb, and just didn't pay attention in the winter in the mountains of snow, located along and across the road.
It should be noted, however, that a bit frustrating transmission - is often very difficult to include the first and also the second transfer, in particular in the cold time of the day okay with that - as long as the box is quite warm, hard pumping lever.
Suspension SUV superb work out the bumps and that can not but rejoice, it does not break. Compare! If a car «lying» police can be easily pass only on 30-40 km/h, the Chevrolet Niva it literally «flies» already at 60 km/h.
It should be noted that against the steering wheel, as well as the brakes of this model claims there is no, and be of them may not. «Bagel» works very easily, and the braking system to cope with the sharp and frequent оттормаживаниями with the so-called urban speeds.
If we say when driving in the metropolis of acoustic comfort, it should be noted that the extra noise is annoying ears. «Melody» of the engine, of course, heard, but it does not irritate.
Move on Chevrolet Niva along the country roads can be with good comfort. The most important thing is - not to exceed the speed. You should go at a speed of approximately 100-110 km/h. Only at this pace the car was very stable and well managed. From extraneous sounds there is only noise that comes from the side mirrors.
Gently move on to the description of the abilities of the Chevrolet Niva off-road, for it is the power of such a vehicle to address the mud are at the highest level.
By the way, on a shallow wet clay, as well as the land of the car moves very confident, even without a transition to a lower gear. But that is only utility vehicle to get in a rut, and the process of departure passes extremely difficult - this is from the standard all-season tires Kama-Euro» for the most part, because of their potential threats instantly «zamylivaetsya», and the car is practically not managed.
If you are driving in hilly terrain, then you become it is clear that the power of the motor, alas, is really starting to miss... Even on the lower gear to start hill car is very difficult - motor her roar, the car starts to slowly creep up, and sometimes, unfortunately, even the clutch begins to burn... all This testifies to the fact, that travel over rough terrain must wisely, to once again not «rape» of the engine.
Summing certain conclusions under the description of the so-called off-road qualities of Chevrolet Niva, I want to note that the potential of the car as a whole is rather high, it is only necessary only reasonable that potential use. But if you will be attending the Napoleonic thoughts about the conquest of the serious impassable swamps and frequent trips to буеракам, and also remembered hills, better consciously prepare the car and stock up on all the necessary джиперскими accessories.

Technical equipment
Along with the tiny improvements fought with corrosion in some parts of the body and loca in the engine cooling system. Changed the process of assembling the front suspension of the Chevrolet Niva, are replaced with rubber-metal sleeve. Reviews for lovers of the front of the SUV became less quiet.
For additional rigidity of the fastening of the output shaft transfer case it had to be improved before status "new”. Thus been greatly reduced vibration, which destroyed a seat and made a serious noise discomfort.
The improvements Chevrolet Niva 2011 can be considered a global replace the gasket. Now, on all trim levels, where it is possible to put high-quality German glands of the company Freudenberg, showing excellent results. According to reports of the manufacturer on August 1, 2011 "premium bundling” received abs and front airbags, as well as the installed seat belts with pre-tensioner and new seats.
On the radiator - a sign of American brand, but collect the car in the very heart of Russia... And mesh fence that separates the «GM-AVTOVAZ» from the Volga automobile plant, does not bind this SUV from a purely Russian problems. Only for the period 2005-2006. Chevrolet Niva lost «children's diseases» and was reliable enough.
The Chevrolet Niva, the very first years of the issue can meet fatigue cracks on лонжеронах carrier body, and already in the later copies of the claim to the purely «petty» - подклинивающие door locks, actuators window... the Floor and thresholds of a strong and rigid bodies are galvanized, so that the metal is protected. The first signs of corrosion need to look at the edges of the rear door. And have gone on the «salt» roads of machines you can see rust on the bracket of «reserve» and the attachment of the threshold of the trunk.Car salon is spacious, especially compared to the normal «Niva» VAZ-2121. High landing and generous glazing provide sufficient visibility, and even hung on the door of the Luggage compartment «reserve» does not preclude a review of «the back of the hemisphere». Decoration of the interior is not particularly гремуча, although on the sidewalks and «comb» plastic frankly «fonit».
The«native» engine of Chevrolet Niva - впрысковый 1,7-liter four-cylinder petrol (80 HP), built on the basis of the power package «Niva» of the first generation. Since 2006, a portion of the aircraft was completed with a 1.8-liter engine Opel (122 HP), the same equipped with Opel Vectra. Successful - «traction» settings of the Russian motor compensate for its small capacity.
However, the storm deep deep mud and snow, it is recommended to reducing gear «раздатки», which compensates for a lack of traction at low engine speeds. German power unit, in contrast to the «Russians», noisy and «live» on the «top», showing their automobile race only with the energetic acceleration.
1,7-liter engine is not particularly longevity, although it is usually enough at least for 100 thousand kilometers of path. Then it may be necessary preventive repair with replacement of rings or pistons. It is worth noting that, in spite of a close relative, not all the components of other engines «classics» and VAZ-2121 «Niva» approach to 1,7-liter «four» Chevy - all the same it seriously modernized, making the «car». In the course of exploitation identified the main disadvantage of this engine is the probability of small faults because of the unstable quality of individual parts - candles, sensors, gaskets, gasket. Can give a leak of coolant expansion tank, the machines to 2006 GV often occur pipes and pump. The hydro-compensators valves of any year of release serve up to 90 thousand km, the chain of timing a little longer. Power supply system непривередлива to the quality of fuel.
The main advantage of model - its transmission, made up of the modernized units «Niva» of the first generation. With the appropriate tires it is good and on the roads, and on the snow-covered highway, and on the streets.
The propshafts may cause noise and vibration at high speeds. The reason - the imbalance and clearances in the spline connections. However, experienced owners have learned to avoid traffic at certain speeds, excluding the resonant vibrations. Replacing Kardanov new problem does not resolve. We have a firm, decisive question once and for all, by making light and strong shafts from imported component parts.
5-speed gearbox (the only possible, which is familiar in all rear-drive models from Togliatti, worried about is that difficult switching stages in the break-in period. The machine of the first years of the issue under the tough operating could give a «surprise» in the form of the destruction of body parts of the CP, «раздатки» and the reducer of front axle.
Chassis Chevy almost like the old «Niva», though not all parts are interchangeable (for example, front and the tools of spherical bearings). Front - independent параллелограммная on two pairs of S-shaped levers, rear - dependent, with four longitudinal control arms, and with a transverse thrust Панара. Suspension is so energy-intensive, which allows without breakdowns fast ride on country roads and broken roads, and the «speed bumps» you can not slow down. The running gear solid and quite reliable.
The weakest place - the ball supports front: some of them may not be «live» up to 40 thousand km. «Consumables» suspension on later cars serve up to 80-90 thousand km. Not less hardy shock absorbers. All ball bearings and silent blocks can be changed separately from the levers. Bearings front hubs need to be periodically adjusted.
And yet Chevrolet Niva is the first Togliatti machine with hydraulic booster. Management inaccurate, but the «bagel» easy and feedback is quite enough. The steering mechanism of the type «worm-roller» do not create problems to at least 100 thousand kilometers, slightly less than serve as the tie rods, of which there are 6 pieces. Strap pump Gora common with the hinged equipment, so for his condition and tension you need to follow carefully.
If you are willing to put up with some small «bug», you can for small money to get the universal car with a nasty off-road capabilities and energy-intensive suspension. Alternative VAZ 2131 «Kedr» with a five-door body, and the old Kia Sportage of the first generation is clearly losing Chevy in comfort and reliability.

Technical characteristics

The number of seats, equipped with seat belts - 5
Full weight, kg - 1860
Curb weight, kg - 1410
Load-carrying capacity, kg 450
The capacity of the Luggage compartment, l - 320
 - in the folded rear seats - 650
Permissible total weight of the trailer, kg
- with brakes - 1200- without brakes - 600
Turning radius, m - 5,7
Type petrol, 4-cylinder
Working volume, cm3 - 1690
Rated power, h.p. - 80Maximum torque, N•m - 127,5
Maximum speed, km/h 140
Filling volume of the fuel tank, l - 58
Standards toxicity - EURO 4
Fuel consumption, l/100km
- A country profile - 8,8
- Urban mode - 14,1
- Mixed type of 10.8
constant on all the wheels through the centre locking differential
The transfer case
2-speed, with a centre differential, having forced the lock
Car suspension
Front - spring, independent, 2-levered
Rear - spring, dependent, 5-штанговая
Front - disk
Rear - drum
Vacuum amplifier - 9"
Radial tires
Tires dimension - 205/75R15, 205/70R15, 215/75R15, 215/65R16


Chevrolet Niva of the old sample
The engine Bay space Chevrolet Niva
Chevrolet Niva was produced in two basic versions: L and GLS. Execution of GLS on the equipment of superior execution L of the interior artificial leather, cast 16-inch wheel disks, аудиоподготовки, aluminium bracket spare wheel which allowed the spare wheel to hang the «face», isothermal tinted glass, fog headlights, heating of seats, etc.
There are also variants LC and GLC, respectively, similar variants L and GLS, but equipped with IC air-conditioned.
Without exception, all complete set include аудиоподготовку and electric control outside mirrors (since 2004), heated exterior mirrors (since 2004).

The engine Bay space Chevrolet Niva FAM-1
The first batch of cars Chevrolet Niva FAM-1 was released in the spring of 2006, production started in November 2006. The car has received index VAZ-21236 and is produced in a single complete set GLX. The car was equipped with the engine Opel Z18XE (1.8 l, 122 HP.) and a 5-speed manual gearbox Aisin (Suzuki Grand Vitara), a new transfer gear in a single unit with the gearbox. This modification was made of:
abs company Bosch, for which I had to change the design of the rear axle, and the front wheels;
10-inch vacuum brakes;
drive shafts manufactured in Turkey with ШРУСами in joints;
two airbags(driver's and passenger's);
adjustable on height of the driver's seat (from Chevrolet Viva);
pre-tensioner seat belts.
In late April 2008, was withdrawn from the production of modification of the vehicle GLX or FAM-1 (Chevrolet Niva FAM-1). For two years was made and sold a total of about thousands of Chevrolet Niva FAM-1.

There is a new tuning version of «Trophy» (Chevrolet Niva Trophy), adapted for use on the roads. In a number of key differences from the basic set consists of:
mechanical chain tensioner replacement of hydraulic
installing шноркеля to avoid a hydroblow when passing Brody
forced off the cooling fan motor
сапуны transmission withdrawn in the engine Bay space
in the gearboxes are installed self-locking differentials increased friction
in the transmission of applied top pair with a ratio of 4.3 (instead of 3.9)
there is a mechanism for mounting the electric winch 

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