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Cars VAZ


The basis of this compact car, the production of which began in 1971, served as the "FIAT-124", who earned the title of "Car of the year" in 1964. In the process of adaptation to the Russian conditions in the model was made by numerous design changes, for example, disappeared rod actuator valves, и.др. Later the saloon was added option with the body of the wagon. The power of the four-cylinder engine capacity of 1.2 liters accounted for 60 HP., maximum speed of the car - 140 km/h. «Lada» became a real people's car, the modification of which are produced so far. Manufacture of the basic model was discontinued in 1982.


The"VAZ-2102" is a modification of the "VAZ-2101"with the body of the wagon. Produced in the Volga automobile plant, from 1971 to 1984. On the car set of three engines: "VAZ-2101", "VAZ-21011" (model "VAZ-21021") and "VAZ-2103" (model "VAZ-21023") working volume of 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5 l, respectively.

This car, produced from 1972 to 1983, was a more expensive modification of the "VAZ-2101" and differed from him engine with a large working volume (1.5 l), improved lighting, bumpers, chrome mouldings and improved interior. There was also a modification of the "VAZ-21033" with the engine working volume of 1.3 l. Before the appearance of "six" (1976) the most prestigious car in the program of the plant.


The"Quartet" is a station wagon on the basis of "VAZ-2105" and released the Volga automobile plant in 1984, instead of the lift with the production of the "VAZ-2102". Now the main of them are two versions: a "VAZ-21043" with the engine working volume of 1.45 l and "VAZ 21047", which differs from the basic model, the other facing the radiator and more rich interior. The "VAZ-2104", оснащавшийся engine "2105" with a belt drive camshaft, is no longer available. Rare is the version with the барнаульским diesel 1,5L. Is the engine in up to 1.7 l volume.


This small car is available Volzhsky automobile plant since 1980 and is a restyling of "VAZ-2101". It differs in the changed body panels and other lighting and upgraded engines. Under the index "VAZ-21051" and "VAZ-2105" produced modifications of engines "2101" (1,2 l) and "2105" (1.3 l), respectively. Is currently offered only one modification - "VAZ-21053", with the engine "2103" working volume of 1.45 l. "Five" - the most inexpensive model in the family of the rear wheel drive cars.


Car classic layout, available Volzhsky automobile plant since 1976. Equipped with petrol engines working volume of 1.57 " ("VAZ-2106") and 1.45 l ("VAZ-21061") (version of "VAZ-21063" with 1.3 l engine is removed from production in 1993). The machine has replaced the "VAZ-2103" and represents the execution of a "luxury" all the same "VAZ-2101". For twenty-odd years the issue has acquired the reputation of a very reliable and unpretentious machine and won the people's love.


Passenger cars of a small class of classical configuration. Available since 1982. More prestigious version of "VAZ-2105". Differs from the base version of chrome-plated radiator grille, plastic bumpers, the interior and dashboard. Currently, the proposed modifications: a "VAZ-2107" with the engine "VAZ-2103" the working volume of 1450 CC and "VAZ-21074" with the engine "VAZ-2106" the volume 1570 CC. In small quantities are produced options with injection unit "VAZ-21213" (1.7 l) and very rare models of rotary-piston engine (design Ванкеля). The model of "VAZ-21072" with engines in the 1.3 l ("VAZ-2105" or "VAZ-21011") is no longer available.


"VAZ-2108" - преднеприводный small car with the 3-door hatchback body, transverse engine and front wheel drive. Available Volzhsky automobile plant since 1984. In making this a successful car took the engineers of the company "Porsche". The machine is equipped with a-line 4-cylinder petrol engines. Working volume (the "VAZ-21081") is 1,1l, 1.3 l (no Longer available) of the "VAZ-2108" and 1.5 litres of the "VAZ-21083". The latter is currently equipped with electronic fuel injection. In 1990 there was held the restyling of the front part, as a result of which disappeared plastic front panel.


Modification of "VAZ-2108" with a five-door body is available in 1988. The car has the same configuration, that of the "group of eight". However, as distinguished from the "group of eight", VAZ-2109 considered a luxury car for a family man, affects the presence of four doors and less expressive appearance. The five-door hatchback at the present time are released in the police version: VAZ 2109-90, which are fitted with two-section 654 CC rotary-piston engine Ванкеля - VAZ-415, allowing you to "get" the foreign cars offenders at a speed of 220 km/h. With this power unit hatchback with the equipped weight 1015 kg accelerates to a speed of 100 km/h in just 8 seconds and consumes 10 l per 100 km.


VAZ-21099 - four-переднеприводный sedan development of the Volga automobile plant. Represents the full-size model of the family Lada «Sputnik».
Serially produced at the plant AVTOVAZ from December 22, 1991 (предсерийные options were issued in 1990) to June 30, 2004. Until the end of 2011 was going to the Ukraine at the plant «ZAZ» of the Russian kits with the interior, as the successor organization, VAZ-2115 with only one difference (produced by this model under the brand name "ZAZ-21099"). 
To export a VAZ-21099 car went under the names of Lada, Lada Forma Sagona, Lada Sable, Lada Samara Saloon.

 VAZ-1111 «Oka»

Тhe 3-door 4-seater hatchback extra small class with a transverse engine and front wheel drive. Production of "Oka" started in 1989 at the Volga automobile plant. Engine - two-cylinder reciprocating 650 CC., in 1997, increased to 750 куб.см. volume. At the present time the production of cars "Oka" transmitted by the Kama automobile plant, as well as Serpuhovskoy automobile plant. In addition to basic models of "KAMAZ-11113" and "SeAZ-11113", available with manual control, designed for the disabled. Due to the very low price represents interest for export.


Production started in 1995 on the Volga automobile plant. The machine has already become a familiar layout with a cross-arrangement of the powertrain and front wheel drive. The design of the chassis similar to the "tenth" family. The design of the body, especially the back part of it, has caused much controversy. Car distinguishes more comfortable salon, the diagnostic system, automatic heater. The "VAZ-2110" are established by the same engines as the family of "Samar". Modification of "VAZ-21103" is equipped with the new шестнадцатиклапанным полуторалитровым unit. Later the 4-door saloon added options with bodies of a station wagon and 4-door hatchback.


VAZ-2111 / Lada 111 - переднеприводный wagon of the Volga automobile plant. Is issued since 1998. In February 2009, AVTOVAZ announced the termination of release of this model, however, at the Cherkassy plant «Bogdan» this model is still available, but in a slightly modified form.


VAZ-2112 - Russian passenger car production of the Volga car factory, five-door hatchback.
The production model was started in 1999 with a short (compared with VAZ-2110) to 4170 mm a five-door hatchback body (load capacity 400 l), due to which the vehicle had a more clear-cut response on the steering wheel.
In this model, a more sporty character of controllability in comparison with their predecessors. The car combines all the advantages of VAZ-2110, and rear-seat station wagon 2111. Keeping all the positive qualities of the car Lada-110 this car has little improvements: with a small length of the body may increase the little Luggage compartment in great when folding the rear seat. The rear seats is divided into 2 parts, which can develop independently of each other, thanks to it preserved the convenience of «the universal» for transportation of small-sized cargo.


VAZ 2113 - the three-door hatchback, рестайлинговая version of the «group of eight». «Thirteenth model», as in the case with a five-door хэтчбеком VAZ-2114, is available with a normal rear part of the body from the basic model of VAZ-2108. Exception are the bumper and spoiler from a VAZ-2114. The interior, apart from the moulded ceiling and interior door panels, similar to the car VAZ-2108, and the instrument panel are mostly borrowed from a VAZ-2115 and a VAZ-2114, but also have their own original solutions.
The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter впрысковым power package, with appropriate standards «Euro-2». From 2007 is available with an engine of 1.6 l., the relevant norms of Euro-3.


VAZ-2114 «Samara-2» - a five-door hatchback of the Volga automobile plant, рестайлинговаяверсияВАЗ-21093, the continuation of the family, under the conditional name «Samara-2». The model differs from the predecessors original design of the front end with new headlights, hood, trimmed radiator grille, bumpers, and the presence of moldings.
Presented to the public in 2001. serial production since April, 2003.


VAZ-2115 «Lada Samara» - a four-door переднеприводный sedan development of the Volga automobile plant. Serially produced since 1997. The car is included into the range of the family Lada Samara.
Front-drive sedan is the first representative of the updated family car «Samara». The machine is installed petrol engine in volume of 1.5 liters and 5-speed manual gearbox.
Thanks to a modified form of the body is improved aerodynamics of the car. In the design of the applied new facial stamped parts, modified plastic bumper, additional lining of the side doors, fairings thresholds sex, boot lid with the connector on the level of the floor. Provides a new headlights, the original design of the rear lighting. The new instrument panel has a more streamlined and ergonomic shape, pushbutton switches with lighting and control lamp indication block of the onboard control system, carrying the information about closing of the door lock, unbelted safety belts, the extreme wear of the brake pads, left key of the ignition, oil level, coolant and washer fluid.

       VAZ 2120

VAZ 2120 «Nadezhda» - seat four-wheel drive minivan, prepared for experimental-industrial production of OJSC «AVTOVAZ» from 1998 to 2007.
Cars VAZ 2120 "Nadezhda" - seat four-wheel drive "mini-ven", the distinctive feature of which are: the original body with a здвижной right rear door, which provides convenience when boarding and disembarkation of passengers. Three rows of seats allow you to comfortably accommodate seven people. Increased throughput, a smoother ride and comfort for passengers. Type трасмиссии car - 4x4, with a constant differential drive on all wheels, and the front and rear suspension on the basis of the car VAZ-2131. The backrests of the second and third row met folding to transform the passenger compartment of семиместного to double cargo-and-passenger version.


VAZ-1117 - five-door station wagon of the family Lada Kalina Volga automobile plant, manufactured with the end of 2007.
Body design of this machine meets all modern safety standards. Compared with cars of family «Samara» has given the car a little bit smaller length, VAZ-1117 more maneuverable and adapted to the conditions of the drive within the city limits.


Lada Kalina Sedan - the first car of «Lada Kalina», published OAO «AVTOVAZ» from November 18, 2004 to 1 may 2011. Has a body type sedan.
VAZ-11174 Car of family LADA Kalina. Mistakenly considered that this car is a replacement vehicle of the Eye. This is due to the fact that in the magazine «Behind the wheel» published an article, devoted to the prototype. However, the model for many years. The first photos were seen as early as in 2005. One of the confirmations of this error is the index of the prototype 11174. This index is of a universal family with the engine 1.4 16V


VAZ-1119 - a five-door hatchback from the family Lada Kalina Volga automobile plant, выпускающийся with the end of 2006.

VAZ-2170 «Lada Priora»

LADA Priora, Lada Priora - a family of Russian cars manufactured by the OJSC «AVTOVAZ» and attributable to the manufacturer to the segment «C» according to the European classification.
In March 2007, the Assembly line came a little over a thousand sedans Priora, on April 21, 2007 the sales. Edition model with a body hatchback began in February 2008. Modification of the body wagon shown at the motor show in Krasnodar in October 2008, and the production version of this body began on may 27, 2009.
In addition, VAZ produces small batches modification of the «coupe» (company designation with three hatchback) and led the development of convertible on its basis.

VAZ-2171«Lada Priora»

LADA Priora (intra-plant designation of VAZ-2171) - a Russian passenger car with a body типауниверсал. Created on the basis of sedan LADA Priora (VAZ-2170). Serial production of commercial cars began on may 27, 2009. Until the end of may on the plan was 250 new universals, and sale via the dealer network began with a June 20, 2009.
The car is a deep modernization of the VAZ-2111 with completely changed the design of the body, including the back part of the original body panels and lighting. Rear side Windows are installed without the plastic pads, changed their form (expanded up). The rear lights with the doors were transferred to the body, established with a vertical layout. The wheel arches trunk appeared bracket for fastening of a cargo.


LADA Priora hatchback (intra-plant designation VAZ-2172) - a Russian passenger car with a body type hatchback. Created on the basis of sedan LADA Priora (VAZ-2170). Serial production since February 2008.
The car is a deep modernization of the VAZ-2112 with completely changed the design of the body, including the back part of the original lighting and body panels.

VAZ-2190«Lada Granta»

Initially the project (intra-plant designation car - VAZ-2190) had a working title of «Low cost» (low cost). The name for the car was selected from several thousand options, submitted in the framework of the declared AVTOVAZ contest «People's car - the common name». The winner of the competition became a resident of the city of Krasnoyarsk Pavel Zakharov, as a reward the author of the names of Lada Granta in the course of the Moscow motor show 2010 was solemnly awarded the Lada Kalina.

Lada Largus «RF-90»

Lada Largus or (RF-90) is a car of high capacity. Represents an adapted for the Russian market of automobile Dacia Logan MCV 2006, produced in Romania. The joint project of «Renault» and «AVTOVAZ» on the platform B0.
The first Lada car Largus descended from the conveyor of «AVTOVAZ» 17 June 2011; and the first assembled cars were intended for factory testing. Serial production of Largus started on April 4, 2012, the new line of B0, the first joint project of AVTOVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance.

                                                            The cars of the raised passableness


VAZ-2121 «Niva» - the Soviet and Russian passenger car of the raised passableness. SUV small class with suspension of body and permanent all-wheel drive. Serially produced from 5 April 1977 till the present time (since 2006 - under the brand Lada 4x4).

      VAZ 2131

VAZ-2131 «Niva» (from 2006 Lada 4x4 5 dB.) - modification of off-road car VAZ-21213, which differs from the basic model extended to 500 mm wheelbase and 5-door body with extra pair of rear doors. Released a limited series of the experimental-industrial production of OJSC «AVTOVAZ» from the end of 1993. A hundred thousand VAZ 2131 made on February 5, 2009


VAZ-2329 «Niva Truck», «the Bear» (from 2006 LADA 4x4 Pickup - pick-up double cabin on the basis of extended off-road car VAZ-2129 with open однобортовой cargo platform. Released a limited series of the subsidiary enterprise of OJSC «AVTOVAZ» «MOTOR - Lada'toole» since 1995. Originally released also a version of VAZ-2328 «Wolf» with a short 2-the local machine, but due to the low demand, it was withdrawn from production, estimated in 1997.


БРОНТО-1922 - the car of the raised passableness, created on the basis of VAZ-2121. For the first time was shown in 1995 at the Moscow motor show.
Снегоболотоход «March» (БРОНТО-1922) - passenger car tyres extra-low pressure. Drive a steady, full. The vehicle is intended for operation on roads, in difficult weather conditions.

   VAZ «Tarzan»

Tarzan of the apes - the name of the car-road cars of the VAZ-210834, VAZ-210934 and VAZ-2109934 production plant AVTOVAZ. The model is based on the VAZ-2108, VAZ 2109. The issue was launched in 1997. At the present time is removed from production.

  VAZ «Tarzan-2»

Tarzan-2 - the name of the car-SUV, created on the basis of VAZ-2111 production plant AVTOVAZ. Production began in 1999. At the present time is removed from production.

   Chevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva (in Russian is pronounced: Chevrolet Niva) - serial Russian compact SUV production of «GM-AVTOVAZ». Has permanent all-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, two-stage transfer box and locking center differential.
In the car is used gasoline 4-cylinder inline engine VAZ-2123 1,7 HP with distributed injection of fuel of capacity (as per GOST 14846) 80 HP. (58.5 per kW) maximum torque (according to GOST 14846) 127,4 Nm.

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